Proud To Be An American

Proud To Be An American

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Since my last post

It has been about a year sice my last post. So I figured I needed to make an update.
My husband deployed last year in october and came back in april. Our son was almost 7 months old when he returned. It is Christmas again- yet it doesn't feel like it. Tomorrow will be my last day in the military- I being administratively discharged to not meeting fitness standards. To me- biggest failure of my life. Yet maybe this is God opening a door of a different opprotunity.
the past 2.5 years that me nd my husband have been together has bee the hardest 2.5 years of my life... yet somehow we are still a strong married couple. Every mountain we conquer TOGETHER we grow stronger... Even though i take my anger and frustration out on him- he seems to magically understand. I have been blessed with an incredible husband.
Our sweet little boy... He is strong and smiles so much. Some days I think it is the only reason that i dont just sit around all day. Amazing the affect such a little person can have on you.
So the job search is on. Life after the military starts... not sure how to do life after military, but it worth a shot right ?


  1. Sorry you have to leave the military, but that is not always a bad thing. Just a different path to travel. Good luck. And glad you husband returned safely. The best marriages are those with storms that are faced together. Those silly people who say they have never had an argument have never faced life. Carry on...

  2. Thanks for updating, although I'm sorry it wasn't all happy news..however, I think you have the right attitude, and a strong marriage to face the changes ahead. Wishing you all well!!